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Cortizo 4200

Cortizo 4200 is a versatile sliding joinery system, simple and reliable, with rounded or rectangular profile aesthetics.

System geometry

Depth (2-way frame): 2''
Depth (3-way frame): 4''
Visible height: 4''
Central node: 1.77''
Dim. max. sash: L86'' / H102''
Max weight sash: 440 lbs

Maximum glazing thickness

Acoustic performance
38 dB

Thermal performance
UW ≥ 0,9 W / m2K

Veka 70


Available in almost 800 different colors and textures, including imitations of wood and anodizing.

ESA classifications:

Air resistance (UNE-EN 12207: 2000): Class 4
Water resistance (UNE-EN 12208: 2000): Class 6A
Wind resistance (UNE-EN 12210: 2000): Class C4
Sample size tested 1,2 × 2,3 m, 1 sash


Qualicoat Seaside

Configuration possibilities:

The system is a coplanar one, having both the frame and the sash of the same thickness and offers the option of decorative, massive insulating panels, glued on both sides.

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