Alora Build 6841 Forest Hill Ave Unit #216 Richmond, VA 23225
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Private Residence at Richmond

Alora’s aluminum Cortizo 70 windows secure the thermal insulation year round for this beautiful recently restored home in Virginia. Thanks to the high luminosity transmission glass the owners can enjoy the natural light and captivating sceneries of countryside Virginia through their custom designed windows.

Commercial Project 

Cortizo aluminum "curtain wall" represents the perfect combination choice between safety procedures & modern design for this newly restored commercial building. The profile TP 52 allows profile height up to 120'' therefore meeting any builders technical specifications. Tempered glass double pane was installed with a Planitherm effect (sun control transmission) on the outside of the building for a more private look during the day, conferring a business look to it.

Brinley Meadows

High quality uPVC profiles & hardware under German production signature for this recently restored house in Brinley Meadows, Virginia. The exceptional color choice in Anthracite gray, adding the highly insulated glass package in triple pane combines two of our clients most sought after requirements: modern design & energy saving.

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