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Kommerling PremiDoor 76

The PremiDoor 76 sliders come to replace the old PremiDoor 70, benefiting from all its advantages, but with an extra benefit. The system is completely optimized in terms of thermal performance due to the construction depth of 179 mm, being ideal for both new constructions and renovations.

System geometry
76 mm
3 seals
6 insulation rooms in frame and sash

Maximum glazing thickness
48 mm

Profile class

Acoustic performance
40 dB

Thermal performance
UF ≥ 1,4 W / m2K
UW ≥ 1,0 W / m2K


  • Class S profile (severe climate)

  • Reliable and easy to handle

  • High thermal performance

  • Security class RC2

  • Flat threshold configuration option

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 4 according to UNI EN 12207

  • Water resistance: Class 5A according to UNI EN 12208

  • Wind resistance: Class C1 according to UNI EN 12210


  • Class B - in accordance with SR EN 12608

  • Class S - severe climate

  • IFT Rosenheim

Configuration possibilities:

The system can be covered with over 50 decorative foils in RAL colors, imitations of wood or metals.

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