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Private residence at Richmond

Alora’s European windows and doors look outstanding in this beautiful recently restored home.  The owners here can enjoy the natural light and captivating sceneries of countryside Virginia through their custom designed windows.

 This home features oversized aluminum windows facing the green backyard, sharp profiles lines with an extra attention to the details, modern color and highly efficient glass package.

Some key characteristics present in the interior are the use of large sliding doors combined with aluminum curved windows profile to maintain the colonial heritage. Natural light is one of the most important aspects of this design. The Spanish Cortizo profiles together with the French Saint-Gobain glass package ensure a high efficiency thermic insulation year-round.

Alora’s European windows offer a unique design combined with energy efficient glass packages, while unobstructing the scenery and doing an incredible work by connecting the modern looks with the nature.

Products: Cortizo 70, Cortizo 4200 sliding door, Tilt&Turn Windows and Doors

Location: Virginia, Richmond, Fox Down

Builder: Alora Windows and Doors


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